Computer Activity (4th Grade Wolves)

Watch the video to learn how to use Storybird.

Click on the button below to get started!

Map Skills (Wolf Cluster)

For your map skills assignment, watch the short video lesson for your grade level.  Then, click on the "SmartestK12" tab at the top of this page to get started.

4th Grade (Vegetation Map)

5th Grade (Map Routes)

6-Word Memoirs (5th Wolves)

Finished with your six word memoir?  Click on the link below to visit our wall, read other's memoirs and click on any empty space to write your own.  Remember - if you don't want to sign your name you don't have to.  Have fun!

Map Skills (Wolves)

To do your map skills worksheet click on the button below.  Write your first and last name, read the directions and map carefully, then answer the questions.  Make sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation.


Figurative Language Quiz (4th Wolves)

To take your Figurative Language Quiz click the button below.  Make sure to read and follow the directions CAREFULLY.  Spelling will count, and please do not use any capital letters.

Extra Credit (Wolves)

To get extra credit in my class simply go to and sign up for a free student account (maybe make your username and password the same as MobyMax to help remember it).  When you sign up, make sure to enter the class code to get connected to my class:
  • 4th grade = PJUNN
  • 5th grade = UZDYL
Once that's done you can check the Newsela   Binder button to see what articles I've assigned - or you can simply find one that interests you on your own.  If you're having trouble understanding an article you can adjust it's difficulty using the blue bar on the right side of the screen.  If it's too easy, you can challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty as well (note: I see which one you choose when you submit your work!).  Most articles have a quiz at the end - that quiz is your extra credit and all you have to do is fill it out online.

Newsela   Two groups use their own numbers in debate over orca life spans